Replacement Parts of Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor
 Brand  Bitzer
 Model  F
 Product Name  Piston Assly Dia 82 mm Bore With Pin, Rings and Lock
 Oem Part No  
 VK Part No.  
 Product Category  Piston
 Product Material  Aluminium
 Gross Weight  0.360 Gram
 Net Weight  0.335 Gram
 Product Dimension (L X W X H)  8 X 8 X 9 Cms
Bitzer Compressor Series
 Series  Model
 Bitzer F Series  6F-40.2Y,6F-50.2Y,6F-40.2,6F-50.2
 Bitzer G Series  4G 20,4G 30,6G 30,S6G 25,44G 40,44G 60,66G 60,66G 80,4G-20.2Y,
   66G-80.2Y,4G-20.2,4G-30.2,6G-40.2,44G-40.2,44G-60.2,66G-60.2, 66G-80.2
 Bitzer H Series  2HC-1.2Y,2HC-2.2Y,6H-25.2Y,6H-35.2Y,44H-30.2Y,44H-50.2Y, 66H-70.2Y,2HC-2.2,4H-15.2Y,4H-
   25.2Y,4H-25.2,6H-25.2,4H-30.2, 44H-50.2,66H-50.2,66H-70.2
 Bitzer P Series  4P-10.2,4P-15.2
Product Description of Bitzer Compressor Spares