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Brand : BITZER , Model : J-F-G-H
Sr. No.
Oem Part No.
Vk Part No.
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1311100-08BUSHJFGHCSBearing & BushingBearing Bush Crankcase Side Size 75 X 70 X 70 mm
2311100-04BUSHJFGHMSBearing & BushingBearing Bush Motor Side Size 50 X 45 X 47.5 mm
3302115-01CCONRODHSJFGHConnecting RodConnecting Rod With Bushing Insert 45 X 20 X 112 mm
4302115-01CONRODJFGHConnecting RodConnecting Rod With Bushing Insert 45 X 20 X 112 mm
5302115-01BCONRODKJFGHConnecting RodConnecting Rod With Bushing Insert 45 X 20 X 112 mm
6-DVRBLTNUTJFGHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Reed Bolt Nut
7-DVRBLTWASJFGHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Reed Bolt Lock Washer
8-DVREEDBOLTJFGHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Reed Bolt
9-DVREEDHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Reed For Model H
10DVREED-JFGHDVREEDJFGHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Reed J-F-G-H
11-DVRTNHValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Retainer - H
12-DVRTNRJFGValve Reed DischargeDischarge Valve Retainer
13372312-04GKT01JFGHGasketOil Pump Gasket 90 X 50 X 1 mm
14372511-10/09/11/07GKT02JFGHGasketValve Plate Gasket Dia 65,70,75,82 mm 253 X 155 X 1 mm
15372301-02GKT03JFGHGasketSuction Shut Off Valve Gasket 70 X 54 X 1 mm
16372704-01GKT04JFGHGasketDischage Shut Off Valve Gasket 91 X 52 X 1 mm
17372315-02GKT05JFGHGasketHousing Cover Gasket (End Bell Gkt) 290 X 236 X 1 mm
18372415-01GKT06JFGHGasketBottom PLate Gasket 270 X 250 X 1 mm
19372807-01GKT07JFGHGasketBearing Housing Gasket 182 X 130 X 0.5 mm,0.75 mm,1 mm
20372313-02GKT08JFGHGasketShaft Seal Cover Plate Gasket 142 X 115 X 0.8 mm
21372612-01GKT09JFGHGasketCylinder Head Gasket 253 X 155 X 1 mm
22-GKTSETJFGHGasketGasket Set - Asbestos Free For Model 6F-G-H
23362003-01OILFLRJFGHFilter & StrainerOil Filter 20 X 200
24362500-01PMPJFGHOil Pump AsslyOil Pump Assly
25302233-11PSTASLYFPiston AsslyPiston Dia 81.96 mm With Pin,Rings & Locks For Model F
26302233-08PSTASLYGPiston AsslyPiston Dia 74.96 mm With Pin,Rings & Locks For Model G
27302233-05PSTASLYHPiston AsslyPiston Dia 69.96 mm With Pin,Rings & Locks For Model H
28302233-22PSTASLYJPiston AsslyPiston Dia 64.96 mm With Pin,Rings & Lock For Model J
29-PSTFPistonBare Piston Dia 81.96 mm For Model F
30-PSTGPistonBare Piston Dia 74.96 mm For Model G
31-PSTHPistonBare Piston Dia 69.96 mm For Model H
32-PSTJPistonBare Piston Dia 64.96 mm For Model J
33383401-26PSTPINFPiston PinPiston Pin 20 X 13 X 60 For Model F
34383401-06PSTPINGJHPiston PinPiston Pin 20 X 13 X 56 mm For Model G/J/H
35-PSTPINLOCKJPiston Pin LocksPiston Pin Locks
36-PSTRNGSETFPiston RingPiston Ring Set Dia 82 mm For Model F
37-PSTRNGSETGPiston RingPiston Ring Set Dia 75 mm For Model G
38-PSTRNGSETHPiston RingPiston Ring Set Dia 70 mm For Model H
39-PSTRNGSETJPiston RingPiston Ring Set Dia 65 mm For Model J
40374027-01SEAL4JShaft SealShaft Seal Assly - For Type 4J13.2 to 6F-50.2
41374001-04SEALHShaft SealShaft Seal Rotary - For Open Type Comp type 4H to 6F.2
42-SVREEDFValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Reed 92.5 X 23 X 0.59 mm For Model F
43-SVREEDGValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Reed 84.5 X 19.2 X 0.59 mm For Model G
44-SVREEDHValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Reed 82 X 19 X 0.59 mm For Model H
45-SVREEDKITJFGHValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Reed Kit
46-SVREEDPINJFGHValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Reed Pin
47-SVSPGFGHValve Reed SuctionSuction Valve Spring
48320500-08THWASCSJFGHThrust WasherThrust Washer Crancase Side 86 X 71 X 1.7 mm
49320500-06THWASMSJFGHThrust WasherThrust Washer Motor Side 62 X 48 X 1.7 mm
50304051-15VALPLTFValve PlateValve Plate Assly Dia 82 For Model F
51304051-03VALPLTGValve PlateValve Plate Assly Dia 75 For Model G
52304051-02VALPLTHValve PlateValve Plate Assly Dia 70 For Model H
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