Carrier Compressor Parts
Brand                                   Carrier
Model                                  5H
Product Name                      Oil Pump
Oem Part No                        
VK Part No.                         
Product Category                 
Product Material                   
Gross Weight  
Net Weight  
Product Dimension (L X W X H)  



Carrier Compressor Series
Series Model
5F 5F 20,5F 30,5F 40,5F 60
5H 5H 40,5H 60,5H 80,5H 120,5H 46,5H 66,5H 86,5H 126
06D 06D 48,06D 68,06D 75,06D 018,06D 024,06D 037,06DA,06 DB,06 DC,
06E 06EA,06EB,06EC,06ED,06EE,06E2,06E3,06E4,06E5,06EM,06ER,06ET,


Product Description of Carrier Compressor Spares

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